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Vinyl Flooring Has Unlimited Options To Choose From

You can take advantage of three different vinyl flooring applications and find the perfect fit for your home or business. Vinyl flooring comes in tile, plank and sheet applications and each offer a different look and cost when it comes to making your floor beautiful again.

Versatile Applications And Affordable Options

Every room in your home or business can take advantage of vinyl flooring to add elegance and beauty or to add durability and a modern look. Achieve the look you desire most with luxury vinyl tile for a ceramic tile look without the coldness on your feet. Use luxury vinyl planks to replicate the beauty of hardwood floors without the cost of typical hardwood flooring, and take advantage of sheet vinyl for cost-effective solutions to cover large flat areas with a new durable and beautiful surface.

Vinyl Tile Installation
Luxurious Vinyl Tile Flooring

Stain Protection, Anti-Microbial And Highly Durable

While vinyl flooring offers you a great look, you will also enjoy the added value of long-lasting durability of vinyl with stain protection. You will be impressed by the ease of cleaning and how much cleaner you can keep your home or business with no extra effort. Just a simple wipe with a Swiffer or a light vacuuming and your floors will look like new again.

Amazingly Realistic Vinyl That Looks Like Hardwood And Ceramic Tile

You’ll be amazed on the frequency of how many people will ask you if your floor is real wood or ceramic tile because the appearance and the feel of our vinyl flooring options really can achieve a gorgeous look at a much more affordable price per square foot. With advanced 3D printing technology, our vinyl flooring looks near identical to the materials that inspire them.

Vinyl Floor Tile